China Involved in ESAT Jamming : Addis Neger Report

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(by Addis Neger Addis Ababa Contributors)

The satellite transmission of an Ethiopian broadcaster ESAT has successfully been jammed by Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency(INSA). According to information obtained by Addis Neger, INSA has received material and technical assistance for the jamming from the Chinese government.



Information received by Addis Neger reveals that INSA started preparing for jamming the station two days after ESAT announced its launch date. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ordered the agency “to do everything to stifle or limit” broadcasting by the station, which the prime minister in his letter to INSA said was owned by Brehanu Nega. Assistance was sought from the Chinese government after INSA tried local jamming equipments. In mid May, a 700MW Chinese manufactured jammer was brought to Ethiopia. It was installed at the agency’s facility which is located at the Sar Bet area. Satellite images obtained by Addis Neger show the location of the jammer.

The machine was put to use almost immediately and successfully jammed ESAT for a few days. ESAT increased its signal strength and was able to be back on air. INSA responded by increasing interference capacity, successfully jamming the station. Chinese technical assistance has been on hand throughout this process. The equipment was provided by China on a long term loan agreement.

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Menbere Melaku Tsegaw June 22, 2010 - 3:37 am

yih beyetem ager yale tarik newu! Anyone, any leadership who is in power seeks these!!!

Henock Tsegaye June 22, 2010 - 10:45 am

Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency(INSA)-Insa in Arabic means too fucking bad so this name definitely fit these arrogant peoples.


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