Beyond Outrage: How the African Diaspora Can Support Migrant Worker Rights in the Middle East – Opinion

By – Kumera Genet In the past weeks, Ethiopians have protested at Saudi Embassies around the world because of recently posted videos documenting wanton violence against Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. This occurred... Read more »
Ethiopian food injera

As Americans Embrace Ethio­pian Food, Its Farmers Grow more Teff

It’s almost midnight, but Zelalem Injera, an Ethio­pian bread factory housed in a cavelike Northeast Washington warehouse, is wide awake. As its 30-foot-long injera machine hums, Ethio­pian American businessman Kassahun Maru, 61,... Read more »

How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher

Sandra Rowoldt Shell University of Cape Town When Neville Alexander used to visit his maternal grandmother Bisho Jarsa as a boy, he never suspected the extraordinary story of how she had come... Read more »

Do you think Lalibela churches built by the help of Aliens or UFOs?

A recent TV show program from History channel by titled ANCIENT ALIENS: THE SERIES! featured Ethiopian historical rock hewn Lalibela churches as part of the show. Researchers claim the art, building techniques... Read more »

The Looming Danger That Africa & International Community Needs to Confront Wisely

Article by Omer Hussein Dualeh The situation in the Horn of Africa is basically of that of famine and unprecedented drought affecting many countries, but when this catastrophe eases, and the Shabaab... Read more »

Freedom is not yet free By Binyam Aberra

Article for by Binyam Aberra : In Ethiopia we are facing national betrayal. The issue at stake is indifference in the face of social disintegration and political arrogance towards people’s coexistence.... Read more »

Ethiopian poor being swallowed by rising tide

Blog By Kent Bush It is impossible to visit Ethiopia and not notice the disparity. In Addis Ababa, the country’s capital, people in Land Rovers on their way to nice restaurants drive... Read more »
More than 80,000 Ethiopian and Eritrean died for the senseless war of in history

Ethiopia/Eritrea: Another war?

Ethiopia is beating the war drums again. After a lull of more than a decade, the Horn of Africa giant is now threatening to attack its neighbour and foe Eritrea over claims... Read more »

Ethiopia: The Moral Hazard of U.S. Policy in Africa (Part I)

Ethiopia: The Moral Hazard of U.S. Policy in Africa (Part I) By Alemayehu G. Mariam Note: In an ongoing commentary, the author examines the Obama Administration’s policy in Africa. Moral Hazard and... Read more »

His Majesty Haile Selassie named one of a style icon

The of Jeremy Langmead reported one of the famous men’s wear designer website named the late Ethiopian King His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie one of the world most stylish men... Read more »