Beyond Outrage: How the African Diaspora Can Support Migrant Worker Rights in the Middle East – Opinion

By – Kumera Genet In the past weeks, Ethiopians have protested at Saudi Embassies around the world because of recently posted videos documenting wanton violence against Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. This occurred... Read more »

Embassy in Lebanon Sues a Man Over Beating Ethiopian Domestic Worker

BEIRUT: The Ethiopian consulate in Lebanon has filed suit against Ali Mahfouz, the man who was caught on tape beating domestic worker Alem Dechasa outside her consulate. Dechasa, 33, committed suicide Wednesday.... Read more »

Obama Calls on Syria’s President Assad to Step Down Now

U.S. President Barack Obama, joined by the leaders of the U.K., France, Germany and Canada, called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to leave office, saying “the time has come” for the Syrian... Read more »

Ethiopian Maid Sentenced to Death in Double Murder case

RAS AL KHAIMAH – A housemaid was yesterday sentenced to death by firing squad for stabbing her employer 117 times and killing their 2-year-old daughter in a blaze. The Court of First... Read more »
Ethiopians at recruitment office

Saudi Arabia Wants Thousands of Ethiopian Housemaids Every Month

Recruits from Ethiopia are being considered to fill the gap that will be left by Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. According to Yahya Hassan Al-Maqbool, head of the recruitment... Read more »

Ethiopian housemaid accused of murdering her sponsor’s wife and daughter to test psychiatric

The Ethiopian housemaid accused of murdering her sponsor’s wife and daughter in Ras Al Khaimaih would go through a psychiatric test as requested by her lawyer. The accused would be transferred to... Read more »

The Syrian government has resigned, an offer accepted by President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian state television is reporting Syria’s Cabinet has resigned. The resignation on Tuesday comes as tens of thousands of Syrians rallied in support of the government, as the nation awaited an expected... Read more »
“There’s no reason to be afraid,” jokes Seble Gezahheng. “I just tell passengers I have a gun.”

Ethiopian Abu Dhabi taxi driver turns wheels – and heads

By Manal Ismail The National : ABU DHABI // After nearly six years working as a maid, Seble Gezahheng decided last year to hang up her gloves and throw in the tea... Read more »
libya protest

Libya Protest Updates: Peru and Botswana breaking diplomatic ties with Libya, Pilots crashes planes (VIDEO)

Libya (CNN) — Even as Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called on the military to crack down on anti-government protesters, reports came in Wednesday that a military aircraft had crashed because the crew... Read more »

Gaddafi Son Warns of ‘Rivers of Blood’ as Libya Revolt Spreads (Video)

(Bloomberg) — Muammar Qaddafi’s son called on protesters in Libya to engage in dialogue or face a civil war that risks the country’s oil wealth, as violence escalated amid reports protesters seized... Read more »