Car Plows Into Atlanta Snellville Gas Station

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SNELLVILLE, Ga. — Gwinnett County police are investigating what caused a driver to lose control and crash through the front of a gas station convenience store. It happened around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Chevron on Lenora Church Road in Snellville.

Surveillance video showed a car plow through the front door. It didn’t stop until knocking over snacks and sunglasses. Genet Haile was behind the counter when it all happened.”I’m OK, thank God,” said Haile.Seconds after the crash, one customer ran in from outside to help the driver.

"I'm OK, thank God," Genet Haile

"I'm OK, thank God," Genet Haile

It took her a few seconds, but she was able to walk out of the car on her own. From behind the Plexiglass barrier, Haile said all she could do was call for help.”I called police,” said Haile. “I was shaking and nervous at the time.”Haile said the most amazing part was that no customers were at her counter when it happened.

Surveillance video showed someone standing in the car’s path less than a minute before the crash.”We are really lucky no customers were inside, only outside,” said Haile.

CBS Atlanta Sky Eye flew overhead as crews pulled the car out of the store. Haile said it’s a sight she hopes to never see again.”I’m lucky, really lucky,” said Haile. “Thank God that my life and her life were saved by God.”

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Atlanta gas station accident video

Atlanta gas station accident video

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