Breaking News – Man Shots fired at Ethiopian embassy Washington DC – VIDEO

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WASHINGTON DC – The U.S. Secret Service arrested a possible shooter after a report that shots were fired on Monday near the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, a spokesman for the agency said.

The possible shots were reported at about 12:15 p.m. EDT and there have been no injuries reported, spokesman Brian Leary said in an emailed statement.

Washington police, State Department officials and Secret Service agents are on the scene, the spokesman said. Repeated phone calls to the Ethiopian embassy went unanswered.

In a report from ESATTV Ethiopian protestors enters to the embassy and take a control for short period of time and changed the flag which has the star symbol in the middle with a plain Green Yellow and Red flag. A person believed to be working as a guard for the embassy fired 3 shots and arrested by the secret service.

Watch ESATtv Report

More Video Updates from NBC 4

Source: Reuters/Yahoo News

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