Bedele Launches First Canned Beer in Ethiopia

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For the first time in the country’s beer production history, Bedele has released a new pack-type for its Bedele brand – aluminum beer cans.

The 330ml aluminum beer can offers lightweight packaging, as well as a modern practicality that increases consumer satisfaction. The can is available at all major supermarkets and other smaller outlets in Addis Abeba.

“This is an exciting innovation for us as consumers can be assured that they will experience ‘quality beer’ from every can of Bedele,” Rita Tsehai, HEINEKEN Ethiopia’s Marketing manager, said. “We believe high product quality is one of the key factors that can reinforce consumer acceptance and help us grow continuously.”

Various types of liquor products with aluminium or steel -coated packages such as beer, beverages, juice, soft drinks or even alcoholic drinks have been common in the international market. It has, however, not been available for locally produced products, according to HEINEKEN’s press release.

Bedele Brewery S.C was established in October, 1993 in Bedelle town, 433km from Addis Abeba in Illubabor Zone of the Oromia Region.

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