Banana shortage hits Ethiopian capital

Ethiopian banana shortage

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) For the pass few days, fruit houses in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa are short of bananas since banana farmer’s demands price increase, APA learns here on Tuesday.

It is difficult to see a single banana in the capital, which is home to around five million people.

“The shortage started last week after banana farmers demanded a price increase. Negotiations between the farmers and traders is still underway,” Bereka Mohammed a juice house owner in Addis Ababa told APA.

Ethiopian banana shortage
Addis ababa banana shortage

Mohammed said many fruit buyers are disappointed for not seeing any banana in the city.

Once the farmers and traders reach an agreement it is expected that the market will be supplied with bananas in coming days.

One KG of banana was sold for 0.40 US cents, which is expected to rise to 0.45/50 US cents.

Traders are buying a KG of raw banana from the farmers for around 0.2 cents, which the traders sell to customers to around 0.40 cents.

However, customers are expressing their fear for the expected rise of banana price.

“If they increase the price, it will be very difficult to buy a banana at such a price. The government should do something to stabilize the market,” said Meseret Belete.

Source: APA

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  1. In addition to its good source of potassium, banana peel is also good for skin care, shoe shine and all other good stuff…

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