Bahrain may lift partial ban on Ethiopian maids

by ocean

MANAMA – Bahrain plans to lift the partial ban on Ethiopian maids imposed in 2009 as a step to tackle runaway workers’ issues.
The complete ban came into effect in April 2009 after majority of maids wuit their jobs and were found involved in immoral activities. The ban became partial in September  as Ethiopian maids were allowed to renew their work permits, but new workers couldn’t come to the country.

Director of Visa and Residence at the Nationality, Passport and Residence, Lt. Col. Ghazi Saleh Sinan told the Press on Thursday that the date to lift the ban will be decided soon after setting procedures and regulations in association with the Ethiopian embassy.

He said that the ban was part of many measures to regulate the labour market and protect the values of Bahrain’s society.

Recruitment agencies criticised the ban as Ethiopian maids are in a big demand in the country.

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