Arkebe to investigate mishandling of staff assignment in EthioTelecom

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Ethiopianreporter By Kaleyesus Bekele

Meles Zenawi has assigned Arkebe Oqubay, advisor to the Prime Minster with the rank of minister, to investigate and take appropriate action over the mishandling of the reassignment of the staff of the former Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) following the takeover of its management by France Telcom in December 2010. Out of the 12,000 employees only about 4,000 have been assigned to new posts in the newly formed company called EthioTelecom while the fate of the remaining still not yet known.

Employees of ETC had complained that the committee set up by France Telecom and the Ethiopian government made grave mistakes while assigning the employees to new positions like assigning deceased employees of ETC and former employees who now reside abroad. The employees also said that the assignments were not based on merit but were rather driven by favoritism and political considerations.

The disgruntled employees have lodged a letter detailing their grievances to the premier. Accordingly, the Prime Minister assigned Arkebe to investigate the mishandling and seek solutions for the mishap. Sources told The Reporter that four executives of EthioTelecom who were tasked with carrying out the reassignment have been removed from their positions.

Following the announcement by France Telecom that it will need only 4,000 employees EthioTelecom is in a total disarray. Observers say this has led to a deterioration in the quality of the mobile phone and internet services.

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Addis Samson February 28, 2011 - 1:26 am

Arkebe willl be “reassigned” in a few weeks when Ethiopians finally get their freedom back. Funny how things work in Africa and 3rd world. Any lame politician becomes expert in pretty much about everything.

Fasil Getachew February 28, 2011 - 2:26 am

lol @Addis. True about the lame politicians expertise. Well said.

Degefu Damene September 10, 2011 - 6:27 pm

Pleas send for me any informetion about etiotelecom infrastractur &servise


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