Anti-racism charity boss steps down after 17 years at the helm to take a post in Ethiopia

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For 17 years Tesfu Gessesse has been the director of CORE in Pilton, an organisation that supports minority ethnic people and has helped shape the social landscape in north Edinburgh – Friday, June 24 is Tesfu’s last day.

He is leaving to take a new post in Ethiopia, where he was born and the country he left 26 years ago for the UK.

He will be heading up a consortium of 18 international NGO’s. A position he says he would have been unable to get without the rich experiences he has had at CORE.

In a letter announcing his departure last month he wrote: “I will miss the great and wonderful community activists of Greater Pilton, who have taught me about self-respect, dignity, social justice and equality.

anti-racism-charity-boss-steps-down-after-17-years-at-the-helm-Tesfu -Gessesse

Tesfu Gessesse

“Your courage and support has given me enormous confidence in standing for and fighting for social justice for all.”

The CORE office is at the foot of a white high rise building in a housing estate with a semi-circle of shops facing it.

As I chained up my bike to meet Mr Gessesse at 9.30am on a Tuesday morning, a man walked past and said: “Make sure it’s locked up tight, they’d steal the sugar out of your tea round here.”

This statement gained more weight as I walked into the building through open, metal doorways with thick bolts – I then met the friendly face of Tesfu Gessesse who over the course of our time together gushed with pride for the people of Greater Pilton.

CORE was created by a group of white working class people who formed the Muirhouse Anti-Racism Campaign (MARC) and the Pilton Community Education Team to fight the racist abuse that a mixed-race family suffered in 1991.


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