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by Zelalem

Forks of London is a monthly feature on CBC Radio’s London Morning.

Kylene Walker is a food blogger with no connection to the local restaurant industry. She likes to dine out and have the same experience other Londoners would.

She bases her reviews on the food, the service, the decor and the cost. She rates her dining experience from 1 to 10 forks – 10 being the top rating.

Disclaimer: the opinion expressed is that of the reviewer. It does not represent an endorsement by the CBC. 

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Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. It’s also the name of a small restaurant located in one of the storefronts along Dundas Street in London. 

Though Kylene Walker had eaten Ethiopian food before, it was her first visit to Addis Ababa — the restaurant. She wasn’t disappointed. 

“Our server ordered us food for the five of us that could have easily served seven for about $15 each,” explained Kylene during her segment on London Morning. “We were stuffed!”

The staple for the meal was injera — an unleavened, fermented, sourdough bread used to scoop the food instead of using utensils. Kylene described the size and texture as something similar to carpet underpadding. 

Stews at Addis Ababa

Combo platter of stewed chicken, lamb, beef, lentils, chick peas, collard greens, and cabbage sitting in injera, (Kylene Walker)

“It’s ideal for sharing. The breaking of injera and sharing a common plate signifies the bonds of friendships and loyalty.”

Kylene and her dining party sampled a selection of meat and vegetable stews arranged on top of the injera.

“There were lot of hands crossing over one another, messy attempts at scooping up the stews, but a great conversation starter and a lot of fun.”

“… a great conversation starter and a lot of fun.”
– Kylene Walker

Kylene describes the stews “not unlike Western stews — thick and vibrant meat stews were spicy and bold.” Her favourite dish was the lentils. She described them as “starchy and creamy… a comfort food quality without being too spicy.” 

Kylene said the service was a bit slow during her visit but the place was warm and friendly.

Another highlight was Addis Ababa’s fresh roasted coffee.

Coffee at Addis Ababa

Coffee service at Addis Ababa restaurant in London. (Kylene Walker)

“They do roast their own coffee beans fresh for every person so if you like coffee at the end of the meal, be sure to order it early. In fact, the server will come to the table with the hot roasting pan and will show you the beans roasting filling the entire restaurant with a rich aromatic and a bit of smoke.” 

Tg’s Addis Ababa is a licensed restaurant. It is located at 465 Dundas St. in London.

Kylene Walker gives it 7 out of 10 forks.

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