Eritrea-Ethiopia border crisis: UN’s impotence to blame – Analyst

The United Nations, specifically the Security Council, is to blame for the raging Eritrea – Ethiopia border conflict which continues to threaten the peace in the Horn of Africa, an analyst has... Read more »

Ethiopia: Camelot of Africa, a Mother of Cities – Gondar

By Tewodros Kassa Gondar is among world’s top pilgrimage sites. Recently, it had successfully hosted the Seventh Ethiopian Cities Forum with the conveyance of more than 230 local cities and more than... Read more »

Ethiopia has ATM-like kiosks that load pirated movies on your USB stick

Move over Blu-Ray: Ethiopia has some killer content distribution vending machines that spit out the latest movies straight to your USB stick – no discs required. Disguised as unassuming ATM points, the bright yellow... Read more »

Ethiopian Film Director/Writer Haile Gerima On France 24 ( Video Interview)

In today’s culture show, Hailé Gerima speaks cinema with Eve Jackson. Known for his independent, direct storytelling that’s anything but Hollywood, the director makes films about Ethiopia’s struggle. His best-known movie is... Read more »