Ethiopian journalist blames plight on WikiLeaks

He says he’s shocked and saddened, but mainly amazed by the sudden turn of events: Ethiopian journalist Argaw Ashine has been on an emotional rollercoaster since his rapid flight from his homeland.... Read more »

Interpol is looking for Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange as USA cuts access to files

WASHINGTON (AP) – The government scrambled Tuesday to prevent future spills of U.S. secrets like the embarrassing WikiLeaks’ disclosures, while officials pondered possible criminal prosecutions and Interpol in Europe sent out a... Read more »

Next Wikileaks will be on major American banks : Julian Assange Wikileaks founder

While a lot of people waiting  for the next release of the Embassy cables documents including the  documents from Ethiopian Embassy  the founder of the infamous website Julian Assange sit with... Read more »