Ethiopian band wins fans by melding rock with African sounds

The Jano band — a rare rock band in Ethiopia — has been playing locally and touring in Europe for the past five years At a hotel in Addis Ababa well-known for... Read more »

Go to Ethiopia for Ancient History, Jazz, and a Capital City on the … – Condé Nast Traveler

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Ethiopia: Burned to the ground, but the beat goes on… that’s Ethiopian jazz

Burned to the ground, but the beat goes on… that’s Ethiopian jazz – AFP ADDIS ABABA, March 8 — Heaps of twisted iron, piles of ash and a charred microphone are all... Read more »
Mulatu Astatke

Meeting the godfather of Ethiopian jazz : Mulatu Astatke

Mulatu Astatke, the godfather of Ethiopian jazz music, is often flying around the world performing sell-out shows so I was lucky to find him at his home in Addis Ababa surrounded by... Read more »

Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethiopian jazz (Interview)

ONSTAGE 68-year-old Mulatu Astatke is as subtle and understated as the Ethiopian jazz he created. The music, a hybrid of traditional Ethiopian music and jazz, is subdued, somewhat melancholy, and at times... Read more »

Ethiopian jazz veteran Mulatu Astatke inspires new generation of Ethio-jazz bands

Mulatu Astatke created the brand new sound of Ethio-jazz in the late 60s and he’s still innovating today, working with young funk-groove bands, modernising traditional instruments, ensuring Ethio-jazz lives on. It’s not... Read more »