Ethiopians Protest and Police Clash in Video & Photos

Hundreds of thousands Ethiopians came out Wednesday protested the killing of their brothers in Libya by the Islamist extremists. Protesters also start voicing their anger on government’s failure to raise living standards... Read more »

U.S. Flying Spy Drones From Arba Minch airport into Somalia

U.S. officials have acknowledged they are sending drone aircraft from Ethiopia to conduct surveillance in Somalia, but say it has nothing to do with Kenya’s ongoing military operation there. Kenya has vowed... Read more »
Meressa Reda,Religion and Faith Director General at the Ministry briefing journalists- Photo

Ethiopia Faces Threat from Wahabi Muslim Extremists

By Andualem Sisay Some Wahabi Muslim extremists in Ethiopia are being engaged in underground violence and unrest instigation activities by abusing the freedom of religion and faith guaranteed by the constitution says,... Read more »

Meles Zenawi blames Muslim sect over church attacks

By Aaron Maasho (Reuters):  ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi blamed a little-known local Muslim group of preaching religious intolerance in an area where Christian churches were burnt last week,... Read more »
Church burned by extrimists

Ethiopia: Police Arrested 130 People in Church Burning Incidents

(VOA): Police in Ethiopia have arrested 130 people described as religious extremists in connection with a series of church burnings in a Muslim-majority area. Tensions are simmering in a region where Muslims... Read more »
Muslim extremists burn churches in Asendabo, Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Islamist extremists burned dozens of churches and residences in Oromia

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle (ADDIS ABABA) – An unidentified group of angered Islamist extremists have burnt dozens of churches and homes at a Christian neighbourhood in Ethiopia’s vast Oromya region. It is believed... Read more »