Harar – the Ethiopian city known as ‘Africa’s Mecca’

As the Unesco-recognised Ethiopian city of Harar marks its 1,010th anniversary, the BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza explores its unique heritage. Night falls in the ancient city of Harar, and I’m witnessing a breathtaking,... Read more »

Ancient Ethiopian walled city keeps modern life at bay

HARAR – Hyenas howl and feast on flesh every night outside the ancient walls of Harar—one of Islam’s holiest cities that is holding out against the pressures of the modern world. Read more »

Ethiopia: Four People Die After Ethiopian Muslims Attack Police Station – nazret.com

Four people were killed in southeastern Ethiopia when Muslim protesters attacked a police station following the arrest of a preacher, said State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal. The deaths occurred on April... Read more »

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Muslims took to the streets

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Muslims have taken to the streets to protest the government’s oppression on their community and interference in their religious affairs. “This is the first time I see... Read more »