52 confirmed dead in stampede at Ethiopia religious event – Yahoo Finance

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Ethiopia Ranked 108 of 110 on 2011 World Prosperity Index

The annual Legatum world prosperity index ranked Ethiopia at 108 from 110  countries. Norway topped this year ranking followed by Denmark and Australia . The Legatum Prosperity Index rank countries with  measures... Read more »
Africa economic ranking top 10

Ethiopia Ranked 144 out of 179 on 2011 World economic freedom index

Heritage.org :- The Heritage foundation and The wall street journal annual world Economic freedom index ranked Ethiopia on 144 out of 179 countries. Ethiopia’s economic freedom score is 50.5, making its economy... Read more »

Ethiopia ranked at the bottom 5 countries in world index

The 2010 Legatum prosperity Index ranking puts Ethiopia in bottom  of the five countries in the world. Even thou the Ethiopian government claims a fast economic growth and democracy Ethiopia listed 107th... Read more »