U.S. Halts Some Foreign Assistance Funding to Ethiopia Over Dam Dispute with Egypt, Sudan

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has approved a plan to halt U.S. foreign assistance to Ethiopia as the Trump administration attempts to mediate a dispute with Egypt and Sudan over the East... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Capability of Resisting Drought

opinion By Tsegay Hagos Ethiopia had been associated with war and drought for many years. Because of this, its name was highly tarnished, often mentioned in the western media as an impoverished... Read more »

Worsening Ethiopian drought threatens to end nomadic lifestyle

Dabafayed – Down a sandy track past a desiccated animal carcass lies a cluster of half-built huts that Ethiopia’s government and aid agencies hope will blunt the worsening toll of repeated droughts.... Read more »

Displaced and neglected: Ethiopia’s desperate drought victims

Dead camels rot on the outskirts of informal settlements in Ethiopia’s rain-starved Somali region as their owners, once proudly self-sufficient pastoralists, turn to government aid to stay alive. Ethiopia is facing a... Read more »

Reports from Africa evoke memories of Ethiopia in 1984

As if there were not enough problems with the global economy, north Korea and the Middle East, now we hear of the risk of starvation in Africa. The UN refugee agency the... Read more »

Number of Kenyans going hungry doubles to three million

The number of Kenyans needing emergency food aid has doubled in the past three months to three million, the Red Cross said on Tuesday, as the effect of a devastating drought worsens.... Read more »

Why we should care if Ethiopia stops loving us | The News Tribune – The News Tribune

I recently returned from three weeks in Ethiopia, an abysmally poor, highly primitive nation of more than 100 million people on the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is also the cradle of civilization,... Read more »

Trump’s suspicion of foreign aid to Africa is right on the money – Prof. Al Mariam

By Al Mariam Originally Published in The Hill Newspaper Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the White House Office of Management Budget confirmed that the Trump administration is set to make “fairly dramatic... Read more »

Ethiopia's Cruel Con Game – Forbes

Forbes Ethiopia's Cruel Con GameForbesIn what could be an important test of the Trump Administration's attitude toward foreign aid, the new United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, and UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien... Read more »

Opinion: Ethiopia’s Cruel Con Game

Women and children wait for care at an outpatient treatment center in Lerra village, Wolayta, Ethiopia, on June 10, 2008. (Jose Cendon/Bloomberg News) By David Steinman Forbes – In what could be... Read more »