More than 9,000 arrests in Ethiopia since June killing of singer

Al-Jazeera Ethiopia has arrested more than 9,000 people after deadly clashes last month, the state-run human rights commission has told the Reuters news agency, raising fears that a government hailed for reforms... Read more »

Ethiopia is treading a political tightrope as its unresolved ethnic tensions erupt in violence again

By Yohannes Gedamu Oromia, one of the regions in Ethiopia’s ethnically constituted federation and the country’s most populated one, also happens to be the political constituency of prime minister Abiy Ahmed. Unfortunately, the region is... Read more »

Ethiopian PM says singer’s death part of plot to sow unrest

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Friday that the killing of a popular singer, and subsequent violence that has left nearly 100 dead this week, represented “coordinated attempts”... Read more »

How Hachalu Hundessa’s murder reveals Ethiopia’s political divide

Al- Jazeera Firaol Ajema and his friends, dressed in black T-shirts, have been meeting each afternoon in recent days to listen to the music of Ethiopian pop star Hachalu Hundessa, also known... Read more »

Abduction of Ethiopian Students Fuels Anger at the Government

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopians are taking to the streets and to social media to protest their government’s failure to find at least a dozen university students and five other people who... Read more »

Ethiopia’s Parliament passes gun control law – Ethiopia’s Parliament passed gun control legislation aimed at tackling the surge in ethnic violence threatening the government of Abiy Ahmed. Since Abiy came to power, ethnic violence has increased in... Read more »

Why Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party is good news for Ethiopia

By Yohannes Gedamu In November, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed established a new pan-Ethiopian political party. It brings together three of the four ethnic-based parties that make up the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic... Read more »

Why Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party could be bad news for Ethiopia

By Awol K Allo Last month, three of the four ethnic-based parties that make up Ethiopia‘s ruling coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), voted to merge into a single national party,... Read more »

Ethiopia Will Explode if It Doesn’t Move Beyond Ethnic-Based Politics

Oromo nationalism helped bring Abiy Ahmed to power, but it could also be his undoing. To hold the country together, the Nobel-winning prime minister needs to convince various ethnic groups that he... Read more »

Ethiopia says army to take over security in troubled south

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Ethiopia announced Monday that soldiers and federal police will take over security in a restive southern region following days of violence that has left at least 18 people... Read more »