Ethiopian diaspora using US democracy to change politics at home

A recent declaration by US lawmakers could signal a significant shift in Washington’s approach to addressing Ethiopia’s human rights record. Ethiopian diaspora activists joined members of Congress on the steps of the... Read more »

Ethiopia re-arrests shows govt has no clear policy to exit crisis – Lawyer

An Ethiopian lawyer and lecturer with the Keele University in the United Kingdom says the re-arrest of journalists and politicians back home is a sign that the government was clueless about how... Read more »

Ethiopia’s decision on ‘political prisoners’ in context | Politics

On January 3, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn made two major announcements: his government will release political prisoners and close down a notorious detention centre at the heart of Ethiopia’s capital,... Read more »

Ethiopia Targeted Dissidents, Journalists With International Spyware Attacks 

WASHINGTON —  Since 2016, the Ethiopian government has targeted dissidents and journalists in nearly two dozen countries with spyware provided by an Israeli software company, according to a new report from Citizen... Read more »

‘They started to burn our houses’: Ethnic strife in Ethiopia threatens a key U.S. ally

ADAMA, Ethi­o­pia — A largely hidden war in remote areas of Ethiopia has killed hundreds of people, displaced more than 100,000 others and raised the specter of ethnic cleansing, potentially destabilizing an... Read more »

Oromo leader Merera Gudina: the Biggest victim of Ethiopia state of emergency?

Ethiopia’s parliament in August 2017 voted to lift a state of emergency imposed since October 2016. What started as a six-month measure to quell anti-government protests, eventually lasted 10 months. After the... Read more »

15 Points: Thoughts on Progressivism, Patriotism and Ethnopolitics in Ethiopia

A protestor with Ethiopian Flag By Tesfaye Demmellash I have in the past written about the mutual exclusions of patriotism and progressivism in the era of abyot in Ethiopia. That long era... Read more »

Ethiopian news: Ethiopia: The Thinking and Objective of Polarizing Politics

By Messay Kebede Ever since rudiments of dialectical thinking grabbed the imagination of Ethiopia’s educated youngsters and elites, essentially as a result of the global prestige of the Marxist class analysis of... Read more »

Ethiopia: The Fading Away of ‘ያ ትውልድ’ and the Emergence of Millennials

By Abdissa Zerai If there is a generation that has for long occupied a central stage in the psyche of the Ethiopian society, it is the generation that has commonly been referred... Read more »

Ethiopia's Regime Faces Precarious Times As Diaspora Plans for … – Global Voices Online

Ethiopia’s Simien National Park. Free to use image from Pixabay In November 2015, residents of a small town called Ginchi launched protests against a proposal by Ethiopia’s government to expand Addis Ababa, the... Read more »