3 Ethiopians stabbed from xenophobic attack in South africa

by ocean

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa – About 100 people started to riot last night in Pietermaritz street in Pietermaritzburg, the large crowd was angry according to medics on the scene. Three Ethiopian males had their stab wounds treated on their backs and necks, they wanted to go back into the mob to fight for their rights.

Pietermaritzburg city hall

Pietermaritzburg city hall

The paramedics spoke to the men and the men agreed to be taken to hospital. This was an apparent xenophobic attack. According to the Ethiopian men their car got vandalised for no reason, that sparked bigger crowds of people to get involved and that is when things got ugly.

Police and K9 dog unites were on the scene to disperse the angry crowd.

Source: fromtheold

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girma September 11, 2011 - 2:27 am

you jornalists what r you doing ? A massive murder and cruel incidents are taking place in the gulf countries .why dont you influence our govt to enforce the law and stop the jorney as posible as soon,to these country .specialy for our sisters .they r dieing in any means .not only that the name of our respected country is now spoiled as criminals ,smaglers ,prostitutes.we are alot of names .it is shame full.as i considered those laldies even if they did this all things their life is empty.please i need more attention,do what you can.even i recieve so many comments from the other nationalities who get fadeup reading a crime news of ethiopian ladies in emarat ,they asked me what your govt is doing and not only that the consulate in uae .they should stop the bad activities .and should be stand by to face the problems hapend to his nations.please please pleaseplease ……we need the media to brodcast all the incidents to the nation of ethiopia and they can decide before they send their childrens.thankyou


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