2,500 Ethiopian Jews begin hunger strike

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Some 2,500 Ethiopian Jews have gone on a hunger strike to force the Israeli Government to repatriate them to their dreamland.

They say their continued stay in Ethiopia was subjecting them to untold suffering.

The Ethiopian Jewish community coordinators told the Africa Review that their members’ living conditions were inhumane and many had died due to communicable diseases.

One of the hunger strike cooordinators, Mr Tadesse Arefeayne, said the Israeli Government had ignored their repeated pleas after they moved to Addis Ababa from their homeland in northern Ethiopia Gondar, 700km from Addis.

Some 6,000 Ethiopian Jews (Felasha- Mura’s) have spent nearly one decade near the Israeli embassy in Addis Ababa, hoping to benefit from easy travel arrangements promised by Jerusalem.

“After sleeping in the streets and suffering from hunger for decades, they told us go back to your home,” Mr Tadesse said.

Isolation and racism

Last month, the Israeli Government endorsed a bill to repatriate the last 8,000 Ethiopian Jews.

“We will continue our hunger strike until they respond positively,” he added.

Source: AfricaReview

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