War criminal or hero: the legacy of Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has died. The news of Zenawi’s passing has made headlines around the globe and many saw him as an exceptional leader in Africa. Although numerous people feel he did a lot for his country, others say Zenawi only went along with the interests of the US government. Mike Prysner of the ANSWER Coalition joins us to analyze both sides of Zenawi’s legacy. Like us and/or followus: twitter.com www.facebook.com

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  1. The same with the Somalis, but slightly different. They go to Saudi Arabia and enjoy when they get spitted by the arabs

  2. This man was a dictator, a war criminal and a genocidal maniac, he systematically killed millions of Ethiopians in every corner of Ethiopia from the Amhara, Oromia, to Ogaden, good riddance this mad-man is gone, the world is a much better place without this bastard.

  3. lol id rather be a socialist than a member of a fascist state like the USA.

    socialism = what evil?

    Fascism = Nazis and a world war to get rid of it.

    enjoy your sky full of fire you fascist fuck

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