The Simpsons Visit Little Ethiopia (Video)


The Simpsons dined in a Little Ethiopia restaurant during Sunday’s episode, with the characters making remarks similar to those totally unfamiliar with the cuisine — “They’re using pancakes as spoons!” Lisa exclaims.

It seems the restaurant was in L.A.’s Little Ethiopia, but may we humbly suggest that D.C. would have been a better option? Granted, “Little Ethiopia” is the unofficial name for the stretch of 9th Street, NW in Shaw, unlike L.A.’s Fairfax neighborhood which got the official “Little Ethiopia” designation in 2004.

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The Simpsons visit Little Ethiopia


But the District’s Ethiopian corridor has many restaurants, as the city is

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home to the largest expat Ethiopian community in the world. Plus, D.C.’s Ethiopian restaurants could certainly use the boost in publicity at the moment — some owners are moving away from serving Ethiopian fare as they struggle to compete in an increasingly difficult market.



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