ICG Denied Meles Zenawi Death

Belgium Brussels based International Crisis Group denied today for being a source on Meles Zenawi death or his health situation.
According to a press release by the group website the group has no knowledge on the state of Meles Zenawi health and denied claiming by the media as a source.
The denial came after the news by Ethiopian Satellite Television ESAT July 30 radio program report sourced ICG for the death of Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi . In the meantime Meles Zenawi where about and health situation is under secrecy by the regime leading party EPRDF.

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ESAT Radio Report on Meles Zenawi Death

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  1. enate kenat hwelu asemeselebahew lemebelat new ayeseram ye ethiopia hezeb bedemeb gebeto tal arefahew kweh belu

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