Ethiopian restaurant owner and his wife shot and killed in Dallas, TX

desta dallas owner shot to death

An Ethiopian restaurant owner and his wife were found shot to death early this morning on the front porch of their home in  Dallas, Texas .

Yayehyirad Lemma, 40, and Yenenesh Desta, 31, were attacked just after midnight when they returned to their Marquita Avenue home from a 16-hour shift at Desta, an Ethiopian restaurant Lemma owns on Greenville Avenue near Forest Lane.

The couple have an 18-month-old child, who was not hurt. It’s unclear whether the child was at home at the time of the shooting.

desta dallas owner shot to death

About midnight, police received multiple reports of shots fired in the Lower Greenvile area, just across the street from the San Francisco Rose. They arrived to find the man and woman dead.

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Dallas police are trying to determine a motive, as it remains unclear whether this was a robbery or something else.

At least one investigator remained at the scene this morning, but Detective Michael Yeric said there’s not much to add, only that it all happened fast. A shooter (or shooters) simply walked up and started firing, then fled.

Neighbor Bell Velis, 81, didn’t know the couple but has lived on that block of Marquita for 48 years, and this is the first bloodshed he can recall there. He said his wife heard two gunshots and he saw the police activity soon after.

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Jacob Hilton, who also lives nearby, said the neighborhood is typically quiet, but gets a lot of traffic.

“I’ve never really seen anyone suspicious.”

Watch video from the scene from Fox4
Dallas News | UPDATE NEWS Video


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  1. I really feel sorry for them….idk how they get the heart to take someone else live as if its nothing…makes u hate humanity sometimes….well RIP and God be with the Family

  2. R.I.P may god be with the Family .. and i hope they will fine the killer i pray for that i hope they do and he will never goin get a way with it.

  3. u know we ethiopians nd eritreans come to the usa for a better life nd to see this happen to some of us is a big loss I pray for that little kid nd thire family..its a sad thing to deal with nd I they get who ever did this RIP

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