Ethiopia to Generate 250MW Solar Energy

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has initiated an attempt to generate 250MW of electric power from solar energy.

Last week, the EEP floated a bid to hire a contractor to undertake the construction of the project. The project will be financed by the World Bank (WB). The tender will be opened on November 21, 2017.

Ethiopia is one of the countries that has a potential to produce solar energy due to its proximity to the equator, as the World Bank indicates.

This will be the second time when EEP moves forward to erect a solar power generating plant in the country. Currently, it is reviewing the documents of five bidders to select the main contractor for the realisation of the project in Methara.

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In Ethiopia, only eight percent of the rural population gets electricity, while 90pc of the urban population have access to it, according to the Central Statistical Agency (CSA). Currently, the country generates 4,238MW of power from water, diesel, geothermal energy and wind.

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