Ethiopia, Sudan to Bolster Military Ties

Sudan-Army-ChiefSeptember 19, 2017 – Ethiopian and Sudanese military officials are deliberating on how to enhance joint cooperation to face security challenges in the region, the Sudanese army chief of staff, General Emad al-Din Mustafa Adawi, says, according to Sudan Tribune. Several years after the unsuccessful attempt to reconcile Ethiopia and Eritrea in order to build a tripartite economic and military regional alliance, Sudan and Ethiopia developed joint economic projects and moved together towards broader regional political and security cooperation.

During a visit to Khartoum last August, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessaleg called for a regional integration while Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir professed that all the conditions are set to establish the “Horn of Africa Economic Organization”.

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“The visit of the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, Samora Yenus, will yield tangible results to face the security challenges in the region, which require great coordination, understanding and cooperation. This is what considering the Joint Military Commission Sudan and Ethiopia,” said Lieutenant General Emad.

The Sudanese military was speaking to the press following a meeting for President al-Bashir with the visiting Ethiopian general. He said President al-Bashir pointed to the need to strengthen the strategic relations between the two countries and stressed that this relationship should serve as a model for a regional political and economic gathering to achieve security and stability.

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The Sudanese-Ethiopian Joint Military Commission began on Sunday its meetings at the technical level and will continue their discussions at the level of the Chiefs of Staff.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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