Ethiopia: Society Calls for Improvement of Emergency Care Services

Despite the expansion of health services and human resource development in the health sector, provision of emergency care is yet to see similar development due to various reasons, says Ethiopian Society of Emergency Medicine Professionals (ESEP’s)

ESEP’s President Dr. Aklilu Azazh told journalists that lack of well-trained manpower, absence of legal frameworks and loose partnership among stakeholders have stymied the improvements of comprehensive emergency care service which is dubbed as anew phenomena to Ethiopia.

The demand for emergency service is growing with the increment of human causalities due to accidents. This calls for promotion of emergency services provision through strengthening partnership among concerned bodies.

To address shortage of manpower, Dr. Aklilu said the society has been working with Ministry of Health in the development of human resource, strategy design, and other guidelines.

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“Through the partnership, so far 21 emergency medical physicians have been equipped with emergency care training while about 100 nurses attended masters program in emergency medicine and critical nursing at Addis Ababa Univesity with 70 emergency physicals currently enrolling in the program.” he noted.

Patient overloading, poor integration with other health services, limited and inefficient services and facilities, poor clinical documentation, and shortage of physicians are the major challenges which the ministry is working to address through different partnerships,” noted Dr. Daniel Hailemicheal, Office Director of Health State Minister.

The ministry is undertaking various activities to transform the quality of emergency health care system while developing a strategy that could bridge the legal framework gaps, added Dr. Daniel.

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The Ministry acknowledges that ultimate goal of most emergency medical services is to provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) should be integrated into other health services for a timely provision of emergency care for those in need of it.

We are working in scaling up the achievements made at Addis Ababa Burn Emergency and Trauma Services to other States.

Currently over 30 hospitals have commenced Intensive Care Unit service and additional 30 hospitals will begin very shortly.

The 5th annual conference of ESEP themed: “Lets improve emergency care through developing 4Cs – Communication, Coordination Compassion and Competency for the better delivery of emergency care” has been launched here yesterday.

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