Ethiopia puts 37 people before court over high-level corruption

The Ethiopian government on Thursday put over 30 persons before a federal high court on charges of high-level corruption, the state-affiliated FANA Broadcasting corporate reported.

The 37 persons were arrested on Tuesday for their involvement in deals that allegedly led to the embezzlement of an estimated 1.1 billion birr – which translates to over $47.2 million.

The detained persons include senior government officials, business people and brokers. The court denied all of them bail and granted police prosecutors 14 days to collect additional evidence.

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The bail denial was based on the ability of the accused persons to tamper with sensitive documents. The case will next be heard on August 9 according to the trial judge.

State entities whose officials are involved include: Addis Ababa Roads Authority, Ethiopian Roads Authority, Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation.

Some individuals are also being held including one Gi Yon, manager of a Chinese firm. Owner of another construction firm is involved as well as former manager of the Addis Ababa Road Authority.

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Ethiopia’s economy continues its upward trajectory with good reviews from global finance institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The latest anti-corruption push will go a long way to enhance business credibility for the East African giant.

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