Ethiopia: New Year With Humanitarian Deeds

As the smell, sound and taste of Ethiopia create electrifying atmosphere at the time of New year, The Ethiopian National Theater is to host a new year festival in various eventful programs including humanitarian works.

Starting from today new year’s eve the Theater will host variety of orchestra music shows, dramas and concerts for elders and youth, feast of traditional food and Ethiopian coffee ceremonies for homeless and those in need, accompanied with fashion show and ‘Miss National Theater ‘ beauty context for elders.

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According to Befekadu Kefelegn Public And International Relations Directorate Director at the Theater, the special New Year’s festival aim is mainly to reflect Ethiopian culture of sharing and caring.

” Big Holidays like New Near creates opportunity to help the ones in need and keep our culture of eating together. This year we have planned to feed 400 to 600 needful children and parents and also make visitations to patients at hospitals.”

Event organizer Artist Daniel Tegegne said the event would be hosted for 62th time and the special beauty context for elders is intended to give recognition and gratitude for elders and also respectful patriots for their role on keeping and guarding the country.

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On the festival which would last for one month a tribute for the late Ethiopian music icon Dr .Tilahun Gesese will also be held.

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