Ethiopia Imposes Sanction on North Korea

Ethiopia-imposes-sanctions-North-KoreaAugust 5, 2017 – Ethiopia is said to be working to limit the number of bank accounts held by the North Korean Embassy officials as well as imposing restriction on entry of North Korean diplomats to the country, according to the Reporter.

According to Ethiopia’s report on the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 2321 (2016), Ethiopia is taking measures as far as its policy outlook on North Korea is concerned.

“Ethiopia has no scientific or technical cooperation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It has no cooperation or interaction involving persons or groups that are under the Security Council’s sanctions list, except for a diplomatic mission in Ethiopia,” reads the report submitted by the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations (UN).

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In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is currently working in coordination with the National Bank of Ethiopia to take measures to limit the number of bank accounts held by the North Korean Embassy and its diplomats and consular officers to one account.

“We opt for diplomatic solution when it comes to resolving the tension in the Korean Peninsula,” Meles Alem, communication director of MoFA told The Reporter.

The same report by the permanent mission also said that “Ethiopia has taken measures including imposing restriction on entry into or transit through Ethiopia on the members of the Government and officials of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” It also put the same restriction on members of that country’s armed forces associated with nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

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In addition, the Ethiopian government has informed the relevant ministries, including the National Intelligence and Security Service and Ethiopian Airlines about individuals under the Security Council’s sanctions.

Following the repeatedly failed nuclear test, US and the west was calling for more restriction and sanction against the Pyongyang government.

Just last week, the Trump administration accused North Korea for unusual military activity.

This month, North Korea was said to launch its second intercontinental ballistic missile which add flare to the tension in Korean peninsula.

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