Ethiopia: Cultural Troupes Successful in Strengthening People, Economic Ties – Ministry

Cultural troupes travelled to various countries have carried out successful missions in consolidating Ethiopia’s people-to-people and economic ties with the respective countries, Ministry of Culture and Tourism says.

Ministry’s Public and International Relation Directorate Director Gezahegne Abate tells The Ethiopian Herald that cultural groups have been proving successful in advancing the trade and investment as well as people-to- people relations between Ethiopia and various countries.

The Director states that cultural diplomacy is something Ethiopia has given due emphasis and it is the major factor behind cultural troupes’ huge engagement in advancing the trade and investment relation.

He says: “Along with a musical performance and cultural exhibition of a particular State, the delegation briefed the attendees about the State’s investment climate and its preferred area of engagement. In this regard, cultural troupes have played an essential role in enhancing flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and trade to Ethiopia.”

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The Director notes that through promoting the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ long-cherished tradition of peaceful co-existence, the groups also assert investors that Ethiopia is a stable place for their business.

The staged performances and music have also been inspiring business persons to invest in the cultural sector including the production of jewelries, traditional garments and textile among others, Gezahegne adds.

He indicates that the cultural troupes have been participating in the National Day anniversaries of Ethiopian missions abroad and staged various performances and cultural exhibitions that promoted the ongoing progress of the nation.

Furthermore, the groups have been engaged in promoting Ethiopia’s tourist attraction sites and inspiring more tourists to visit the country.

In this regard, the Director mentions Ethiopia’s cultural troupe that recently travelled to Qatar has achieved its target of strengthening the two countries people-to-people and economic relationships.

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“The exhibition displayed has inspired Qatari investors to engage in horticulture and floriculture sectors and Qatar’s Ministry of Culture and Heritages has requested to hold similar event in Ethiopia,” he adds.

Gezahegne notes that the delegation also met with Ethiopians residing in Qatar and government officials as well as citizens of other nations and explained to them Ethiopia’s ongoing efforts in development, peace and democracy.

Stating the government has singed bilateral cultural exchange agreements with several countries, the Director says various organizations including Alliance Ethio-Française, Italian Cultural Institute and the German Cultural Center have also played a pivotal role in strengthening their respective countries cultural ties with Ethiopia.

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