Ethiopia: Agriculture Sector HDRP Monthly Dashboard (May 2018) – Ethiopia

Among the total 216 priority one woredas, 187 of them are prioritized as priority one for the Agriculture cluster as well. In this priority one areas it is likely that further deterioration of the situation will happen unless timely response made. Therefore, protection of core-breeding and milking livestock through provision of supplementary animal feed, Fodder production and animal health services will help to reduce the problem and ensure milk availability for children, protect key livelihood assets, and ultimately improve food security and nutrition outcomes for vulnerable pastoral and agro-pastoral households. Similarly supporting production of crops for drought affected households through range of crop seeds will reduce human suffering, protect key livelihood assets, shorten the recovery period of affected people, reduce pressure on the humanitarian assistance, and ultimately improve food security and nutrition outcomes of the affected households.

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Currently the food security situation in all parts of Afar has been deteriorating for the last couple of months due to the extended dry and cold condition of Gilal season. The 2017 kerma rain started late and terminate earlier than normal with the amount largely inadequate. Despite flood has caused damages and is a serious humanitarian concern particularly in Somali region, it is also possible to use it as an opportunity to carry out flood recession agriculture-grow food and fodder when the flood retreat.

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