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For Students

Unread post by louisgeorge » 14 Sep 2012 11:38

As the number of high school students receiving a diploma gradually decreases, it's important to learn about all of the benefits of earning a high school diploma. A high school diploma is more than just another piece of paper. It represents the knowledge and skills the student has accumulated. With this knowledge, the student is prepared for several situations.

College, University, or Specialty School

For many students, life after high school involves higher education, whether it's pursued through a college, university or specialty school. They seek a higher education because they want to achieve both personal and career goals. Most of these institutions prefer admitting students who have a high school diploma. A diploma shows them that the student has previous knowledge of several subjects. Such knowledge can serve as a foundation for the increasing amount of education. On a personal level, it shows them that the student is determined and will take advantage of the opportunity they're providing.


Many employers prefer to hire those who have education experience. Through obtaining a high school diploma, students develop work habits and career skills that can prepare them for the workforce. According to those at Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission (, here is a list of government jobs available for high school graduates

Clerk Stenographer
Clerk Typist
Data Analyst
Energy Assistance Worker
Environmental Interpretive Technician
Fish Culturist
Game Conservation Specialist
Government Clerk
Library Assistant
Park Ranger
Technical Assistant
Waterways Conservation Officer

The requirements for these government jobs can vary depending on the state. There are also several jobs in the private business sector for those with a high school diploma.

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