Evaluation of a USAID Pastoralist Livelihoods Project in Eth

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Evaluation of a USAID Pastoralist Livelihoods Project in Eth

Unread post by ኦሽንoc » 17 Dec 2011 21:57

Apply By 26 December 2011

USAID/Ethiopia has invited IBTCI (International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc.) to submit a proposal to conduct a mid-term evaluation of its $16M Pastoral Livelihoods Initiative (PLI II), which is being implemented by Save, CARE, IRC, and Mercy Corps in 15 districts in the Somali, Oromiya, and Afar regionsof Ethiopia. We are looking for a five-person international and Ethiopian team – an international senior-level team leader with significant experience with livestock health, pastoralist issues, and evaluation, an international mid- to senior-level person with experience in Early Warning Systems, an Ethiopian expert in natural resource management, an Ethiopian expert in community health, particularly for pastoralist communities, and a logistics coordinator.

The major objectives of PLI II are to protect and strengthen the lives and livelihoods of pastoralists and ex-pastoralists. It includes strengthening of early warning systems and maintenance of key drought reserves, improving livestock health and marketing, improving natural resource management, and supporting PEPFAR wrap-around services and maternal, neonatal, and child health. This evaluation is scheduled to take place between February and April 2012 and will include field visits to five districts.

Specific minimum qualifications for the positions are:

– Team Leader.This calls for a senior-level person with pastoral experience. S/He should have particular expertise in program/project evaluation, livestock health and marketing and “hands-on” experience, preferably in East Africa/Horn of Africa with Ethiopia experience highly desirable. The Team Leader must have led at least five similar evaluations or assessments.

– Early Warning Specialist. This calls for someone who is at least at mid-level with experience in managing and/or evaluating early warning and response systems serving East African pastoralists.

– Natural Resource Management Specialist. S/He must be an Ethiopian with at least eight years of experience in the management and/or evaluation of natural resource management projects serving pastoralists in Ethiopia and/or other countries in the region.

– Health specialist. S/He must be an Ethiopian with at least eight years of experience in community-based health and HIV/AIDS programming and management and evaluation in activities serving pastoralists in Ethiopia and/or other countries in the region. PEPFAR experience very highly desirable.

– Logistics coordinator. S/He must be experienced in managing complex evaluations in Ethiopia, including arranging logistics for field visits in locales that may be hard to get to, arranging meetings, etc.

Team members should be experienced in conducting key informant interviews plus targeted focus groups with a wide range of beneficiaries, most of whom will be from rural areas. For all positions, prior USAID experience and/or experience in Ethiopia is a definite plus, and for the NRM specialist and the Health specialist ability to communicate in at least one language (in addition to Amharic) commonly spoken in at least one of the target regions is very highly desirable.

Proposals are due in Addis on Friday, December 30, so the turn-around time is especially short, particularly given the Christmas holidays. Interested individuals should submit a cover letter describing their qualifications and desired daily rate plus a current c.v. or resume to recruiting@ibtci.com . If possible, please also submit a completed USAID 1420 biodata form with your application.

We can respond to questions directed to recruiting@ibtci.com . However, otherwise only finalist candidates will be contacted.

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