World of Montgomery Festival 2012 የመላው ቤተሰብ የደስታ ቀን

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World of Montgomery Festival 2012 የመላው ቤተሰብ የደስታ ቀን

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እንኳን ደህና መጡ ለመላው ቤተሰብ የደስታ ቀን

2012 World of Montgomery Festival

Date: Sun, October 21st 2012
Additional Time Info: Noon to 5:00 pm
Wheaton Triangle
2424 Reedie Drive (Grandview Avenue & Reedie Drive, 1 block from the Wheaton Metro station)
Wheaton, MD 20902

The World of Montgomery Festival celebrates, explores and shares the diverse cultural heritages which play an active role in the lives of Montgomery County residents and communities. The festival will showcase this rich diversity through food, music, dance, visual art, and story-telling.

This year's International Village exhibition, organized by the KID Museum (Kids International Discovery Museum) will focus on the four countries with the largest immigrant populations in Montgomery County: Ethiopia, China, El Salvador, and India with each country tent featuring hands-on activities, demonstrations and presentations to promote international and multi-cultural awareness.


Other festival highlights include international crafts vendors presented by Fenton Street Market, a pupusa cook-off presented by LEDC, two stages of live entertainment, an international youth film festival, and crafts and community service projects for kids.
Download the flyer here.

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