Domestic and Industrial Uses of Paint Thinners

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Domestic and Industrial Uses of Paint Thinners

Unread post by GINERY » 27 Jun 2014 06:43

A paint thinner solvent has multiple uses in domestic and industrial chemical cleaning process. Most common paint thinners include denatured alcohol, muriatic acid, mineral spirit and brushing liquid. Naphtha, clean up solvents, and turpentine gum are frequently used for household cleaning. Paint thinner solvents are most suitable for shellac products and it will not damage other coatings. Denatured alcohol is usually dissolved in water for cleaning purpose and it can also be used in alcohol based stoves. Although chemicals are added to the denatured alcohol, its chemical ethanol structure remains the very same. It is observed that many paint thinner solvents are strong, corrosive inorganic acids manufactured with hydrogen chloride. Brick cleaning, concrete etching and swimming pool maintenance are the major applications of paint thinners. Some paint thinners are destructive to cellulose and muriatic acid can be cited as the best example.
While selecting paint thinner, you should make sure that different thinners have different proportions of acetone. Many paint thinner solvents are less flammable because they contain toluene as the primary chemical ingredient. Other uses of paint thinner are cleaning paint spraying equipments like brushes, sprayers and rollers. Mineral spirit is a great alternative for thinning enamels, varnishes and paints containing resins. One of the greatest advantages of paint thinner solvents is their affordability compared with other chemical products. For example, you can get a bottle of mineral spirit for a price of ten dollars from chemical agents. Frequently used paint thinner chemical substances are characterised by low odour and less toxicity.

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