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Newspaper Publishes Lie About Jews and Female Circumcision

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 22:32
by zeru
Watchdog: growing tendency to blame Judaism for practice of female genital mutilation - despite repeated proofs this is a lie.
Foreign press fabricates lies about Judaism regularly, whether it's the conviction that Jews were behind the Islamist uprising in Egypt or traditional accusations of blood libel.
But on Monday, watchdog blog CiFWatch demonstrated that British newspapers have perpetuated yet another outrageous claim: that Jews are guilty of practicing female circumcision, or Female Genital Mutilation(FGM). In January, the blog
said, the London Evening Standard published a story - quoting a blogger at the Huffington Post - claiming that "Christians, Muslims, Jews, animists, and non-believers" are guilty of supporting the physical harm of over 140 million women worldwide.
Similar claims were made in a September Guardian report by staff feature writer Homa Khaleeli. But while the Guardianstory was corrected within hoursof CiFWatchnoting the mistake, the Standardallegedly never published corrections to the misnomer.
Organizations working against the barbaric practice - which involves harming teenage girls' genitalia for a variety of reasons, mainly concerning retaining virginity before marriage or other social norms - have noted on multiple occasions that while the practice has been proven to be aligned with tribal cultures, not religions, its prevalence is higher among Muslim communities in the Middle East and Africa. Studies supporting this have been brought by both the AHA Foundation and Child Info.
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