Ethiopia ranks 120th in global corruption index 2009

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Ethiopia ranks 120th in global corruption index 2009

Unread post by ኦሽንoc » 18 Nov 2009 10:51

Ethiopia ranks 120th in global corruption index 2009

Ethiopia still remains to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to the latest survey by the Berlin based Transparency International (TI). The survey ranks Ethiopia 120 out of 180 countries. Ethiopia has improved in the corruption index since 2005 but the country was seen far less corrupt prior to the 2005 election by the TI survey. In 2002, Ethiopia was ranked 59th with an index of 3.5.


For a country to improve on the corruption perception index, citizens need to believe that "they have a government that works for them", according to Robin Hodess, Transparency's director of policy and research. The governments have to show "that there is the political will to respond to the needs of the people," Mr. Hodess added.

Somalia ranks as the most corrupt country in the world and New Zealand as the least corrupt.

Selected Rankings in Africa

* 37 Botswana
* 55 South Africa
* 111 Djibouti
* 111 Egypt
* 120 Ethiopia
* 126 Eritrea
* 130 Nigeria
* 146 Kenya
* 176 Sudan
* 180 Somalia

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