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New Book Launch and Discussion By Tekalign Gedamu

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 13:12
by User Ads

By Tekalign Gedamu

Book launch, discussion and signing

Saturday July 23, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Howard University
The Forum, Blackburn Center
2397 6th Street, N.W.
Washington D.C., 20059

Book Detail:

Tekalign Gedamu
Paperback; 6"x9"; Ills., pp 500+
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About the Book:
Republicans on the Throne is a memoir spanning the author’s youth and
six-decade career in the United Nations, the government of Ethiopia,
and the African Development Bank. This book examines closely
the fundamental forces behind the revolution along with its failed
attempts to improve the country’s fortunes on both the economic
and political fronts. It also provides an assessment of the policies
and practices of the new rulers, how the country is faring under
their leadership, and concludes that major challenges remain in the
struggle for democracy, fundamental freedoms, national cohesion,
and the fight against poverty. While there is little doubt that the
curtain has fallen on Ethiopia’s monarchy, this has not prevented a
new breed of tyrants (two thus far) from installing themselves on
the throne. Ethiopia’s heritage of autocracy therefore survives, but
in a far less paternalistic and more sinister form than thus far. This
leads many to be anxious about the prospects for democracy, but the
author is more optimistic and offers his perspective in the book.

What others are saying:
“A valuable autobiograpy by a patriotic Ethiopian who is well placed
to comment on the trends and aspirations of post-revolutionary
Ethiopia.” --Richard Pankhurst

“This is an engaging book, which provides a good read for anyone
interested in the unfolding drama of development in an African
country through the eyes of one of its leading practitioners.”
--Shiferaw Bekele

“This book is a well-written, straight-forward account of what has
happened in Ethiopia during the past three-quarters of a century. I
recommend it highly.” --Theodore Vestal

About the Author:
Born and educated in Ethiopia and subsequently in the U.S.,
Tekalign Gedamu started his career as an economist working for the
UN in New York and for the Emperor Haile-Selassie’s Government.
In 1974 he held a cabinet post in the short-lived Endalkatchew
Makonnen’s government. In 1977, he became economic advisor to
the African Development Bank and later served as vice president. In
1995 he returned to Ethiopia and help found a private commercial
bank which he managed for seven years. Simultaneously, he served
on the boards of a number of national and international NGOs.

Re: New Book Launch and Discussion By Tekalign Gedamu

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 02:35
by Aliraza05
At this event, each non-profit organization will present about the projects that they are involved in. In addition to that, they will explain how the Ethiopian community can get involved in the projects presented. After the presentations, there will be a discussion session on topics that deal with Ethiopian development. THIS EVENT IS A NON-POLITCAL/RELIGIOUS EVENT!