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Holiday Shopping Tips

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 00:59
by soni barwar
1. Make a list of the whom you need to buy for, as well as what stores you want to go to
2. Shop online or my mail catalog
3. Stock up on the little things early
4.Call ahead of time if you will need special assistance
5. Prepare your grocery list for the “big” meal ahead of time
6. Make restaurant reservations three weeks in advance
7. Plan on arriving early for reservations
8. If your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, don’t wait in line
9. Ship you gifts ahead of time
10. Always right down the name of everyone who helps you
11. Use the knowledge of a serviceman to help you solve your problem
12. Do business with who you know etc.

Re: Holiday Shopping Tips

Posted: 05 Aug 2013 08:53
by DoreenKramer
Always shop from authenticated shops. As many road side owners might dupe you for fake products specially in clothes and beauty products.