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Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 08 Jul 2010 14:29
by ኦሽንoc
List of Ethiopia Tour and Travel Operators
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Re: Ethiopian Travel and Tour Operatores Address and Informa

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:06
by User Ads
List of Ethiopia Tour and Travel Operators

13 Suns Tours PLC (251-1)11233460, 251-911-616383 (251-1)11239926

Abba Travel Agency P.L.C (251-1)6186666,15527000,911-206600 (251-1)15527799

Abyssinian Tours & Travel (251-1)15519293/15519691 (251-1)15519217

Adika Tour & Car Rental (251-1)15533357 (251-1)15538555

Admire Ethiopia Travel & Tour (251-1)15507777 (251-1)15531466

Adonay Ethiopia Travel (251-1)16635980 (251-1)16180844

Adventure Ethiopia Tour & Travel (251-1)11551172 (251-1)15520425

Amba Tours (251-1)15513272 (251-1)15516637

Ark Tours & Safari (251-1)15510109

Awqash Tour and Travel (251-1)11577302 (251-1)11577305

Bekele Molla Tour & Travel (251-1)15507565 (251-1)16654277

Bella Abyssinia Tours (251-1)14453692 (251-1)14453692

Beteseb Travel & Tourism (251-1)15513866 (251-1)15534739

Blen Ethiopia Travel (251-1)16620886/87 (251-1)16620888

Camelot Tours (251-1)12209168 (251-1)12209168

Caravan Tour & Travel Agency (251-1)12766740 (251-1)111553656

Comfort Car Rent & Tour Operator (251-1)15151847 (251-1)15154847

Connection Travel & Tour Operator (251-1)15152348,15152109 (251-1)15152192

Dawe Emede Travel & Tour (251-1)11557545 (251-1)11561167

Desire Tours (251-1)16610112 (251-1)16638495

Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour (251-1)11567837 (251-1)11567840/11567841

Eastern Travel & Tours Agency (251-1)15 511574 (251-1)15511468

Ethio Fauna Safaris (251-1) 15505301 (251-1)15505302

Ethio Noble (251-1)16188437,16188438 (251-1)16188439

Ethio Travel and Tours (251-1)16637455 (251-1)15156751

Ethio-Der Tour and Travel (251-1)16550760, 11571157 (251-1)11552643

Ethioland Tour Operation (251-1)5511251 (251-1)5512377

Ethio-Majestic Tour Operators (251-1)13205183,911656531 (251-1)13205183

Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris (251-1)11551127 (251-1)11550298

Ethop Travel (251-1)14423111 (251-1)14409717

Experience Ethiopia Travel (251-1)1552336/153712 (251-1)15519982

Express Travel Group (251-1)15526664 (251-1)15510655

F.K.Explorer Ethiopia Travel & Tours (251-1)16638431 (251-1)16638432

Fana Travel & Tours (251-1) 15515151 (251-1)15514140

Fest Ethiopia Travel & Tour PLC (251-1)16510176,15521769 (251-1)16185216

Focus Tours Ethiopia (251-1)14660711 (251-1)14660711

Re: Ethiopian Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:12
by User Ads
Four Products Tour & Travel Agent

Arada kifle ketema Tadesse building 3rd floor house no. 466

Four Products Tour & Travel Agency established to provide greatest satisfaction to its customers, offers cheaper price for group and individual tours including historical tour, photo safari, bird watching, tribal tour, adventure tour,custom-tailor-made tours etc�in Ethiopia and neighboring countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Djibouti to suit clients� individual needs and make sure that its clients enjoy the best of the services and return home with joyful memories of fun and satisfaction with our tour guides who speaks English, French, Germany, Italia, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese and Russia.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
+251 911 620386

Ethiopia Tour and Travel

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We are Ethiopia based local handling agent having our operation in: - Birding Tour (850 bird Species) - Omo Valley Tribal Tour (Mursi, Hammar, Benna, Karo, Surma, etc) - Trekking Tour (Semien Mountain trekking) - Historical Tour (Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Bahirdar etc) - Active Volcano Tour (Erta�ale and Denakil Dispersion) - Photo Safari Omo Valley Tour - Nature Tour - Photo Tour by Charter flight ( Mursi, Karo, Bena, Hammer, Dassenech, Kangaton, etc) - Special interest tour ( we are happy to handle your interest) - Muslim Shrines (Nagash Mosque, Sheik Hussein and Sof Omar)

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababbab


23 eastern way, newcastle, UK

information to international tourists on Ethiopian tourism, things to do in Ethiopia, places to go in Ethiopia, list of tour operators in Ethiopia, list of hotels in Ethiopia, virtual tour map of Ethiopia, cheap flight deals to Ethiopia, and more

Africa,Ethiopia,addis ababa


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Senait Ethiopia Tours (Sunny) is one of the best equipped tour operators in Ethiopia provides a wide range of services in Tours, Travel, car rental and all kinds of congresses, conferences and special events. Our aim is to provide tailor-made tours of Ethiopia to suit the needs of individual clients. We have over years of experience in guiding visitors to Ethiopia. An expertise in all aspects of trekking, historical tours, bird watching tours &trips to the tribal areas of the Omo valley ensure that all clients receive the very best service & advice.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
+251 911 94 38 12


addis ababa ethiopia

This Amde Tariku form chilalo tour and travel We are currently working on tour; hotel reservation for crewmembers and other car rent in Ethiopia If there is any work in relation to this we can work together With best regards Amde Tariku General Manager

251 0911571120

Re: Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:19
by User Ads
Ethio Renaissance Tours

African Avenue,Bole Road

We specialize in excursions, holiday/vacation tours and travel, business tours and travel, study/educational tours and travel, family holidays, packaged tours, cultural tourism, historical tourism, event management and group travel, all of which can include activities and services including mountain and desert trekking, bird watching, fishing, safaris of all types, mountain climbing, water rafting, car hire, wedding and honey moon arrangements, airport transfers and accommodation booking. Our team of bilingual and multidisciplinary tour guides have worked in association with students� organizations, a TV production crew, independent travelers and scientific study groups from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover this great country of Ethiopia.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Fethi Yahya

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We offer you the best historical tours, cultural tours, natural tours, Wildlife Safaris, various options of trekking route, bird watching holidays, Church visit, exploration of Lake Tana Monasteries by cruises, festivals(Timket-Ethiopian Epiphany, Ethiopian Christmas, Meskal and Ethiopian Easter) trips, student group trips, adventure travel and tribal Safaris and also the combination of two or more interested areas. We are specialist in ecological and Adventure trips include; Trekking and Ras Dashen climbs the highest peak in the country to the lowest point of Danakil Depression and also responsible cultural and Eco tours. We look forward providing you from the most stress free and informative to Adventure experience possible. We think would suit you be stand our packages are worth your money.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Assefa Daniel

Arada Sub City, Kebele 11/12

# Tour packages for groups and individual # Safari # Trekking # Bird Watching # Booking at hotels all over Ethiopia; # City tour, # Rent-a-car and coaches, trips, guided tours and # Transfers. # Responsible Tour and # Professional Guiding service

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Dori Ayele

Addis Ababa

Arranging & consulting any organizational or individual business trips, vacation trips, ticketing, city tour, historical sites, car rental, and hotel reservation(accommodation).

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
0025191 166 0210

Capt. Abebe E Ghebreselassie

Ethio-china friend ship rd. Ambasel building suite #311

Air package tour and Sightseeing Flights all over Ethiopia & East Africa and all travel services


Re: Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:22
by User Ads

Arada Sub City Kebele 13/17 House No. 3 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

WILD GOAT TOUR is a company that provides tours related services in ETHIOPIA. The company started with the aim of providing tours individuals, families, groups, incentives and conferences.WILD GOAT TOUR provides quality tours at affordable prices.We provide City tour,Historic tour,Cultural tour,Excursion tour,Nature tour,Churches tour,Bird Watching,Trekking,Tour of Tribal Ring.We give Car hier,Organizing Conferences and Tour Guide services. We give very personal attention to all your needs to make your tour truly memorable.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Inspiration Tours and Travels

E-Mail: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Description: Ethiopia Inspiration Tours and Travels:- Provides a wide range of services: Organized tours services - Cultural and study tours - Expedition to Ert\'le Active volcano site - Expedition to Denakil Depression - Expedition to Omo Valley - Tribal ring Tour - Tribal market oriented tour - Photo Safari - Adventure travel - Bird watchiers trips - Trekking on the Semien and Bale Mountain - Cultural and nature lovers tours - Deluxe car renting - Transfer Services - Hotel Reservation - Historical Tour (Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and Ertale) -Tigray Rock churches tour

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa


Zergaw Gebre Selassie Building Haile Gebre Selassie Street Kebele 06, Bole K/K P.O. Box 23908 , Addis Ababa 1000 Ethiopia

Grand Holidays Ethiopia Tours & Travel is an exclusive private Ethiopian tour company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It�s registered and licensed by Ethiopia�s Ministry of Trade and Industry under license number: 199/98 . We are also a recognized by the Ethiopian Tourism Minister and a proud member of Ethiopian Tour Operators Association under membership code: ETOA/028/06. With a team of well-experienced professionals we have been providing the best vacation holiday packages throughout Ethiopia for groups and individuals from all over the world. We have the widest choices of well designed tour packages through out Ethiopia. Our package tours include: cultural tours, historical tours, festival tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari, trekking, filming in Ethiopia, bird watching, and so much more. Contact us and our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you plan a trip of a life time to this land of many wonders, Ethiopia. Discover the real essence of Ethiopia with us!

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Pharez Ethiopia tour


Providing Tailor made Tours to Ethiopia, Individual Tours to Ethiopia, Group Tours Ethiopia, Ethiopia Ethnological tours, and Photo safaris, wild life safaris, Bird watching, hiking and trekking adventures in Ethiopia

Africa,Ethiopia,Rigon 14


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tour is an exclusively inbound Tour operator and car rental company in Ethiopia which provides provide different car rental service form Four Wheel Drives (4x4's / Jeeps), buses, Minibus and saloon cars. These can be used to visit Ethiopian tourist destination. We are also focused on Tailor made Tours, Individual Tours, Group Tours, Ethnological tours, Photo safaris, Wild life safaris, Bird watching, hiking and Trekking adventures to this land of striking beauty. We promises to give you utmost service with very best competitive price which will be an expression of appreciation during your stay in Ethiopia.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Re: Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:25
by User Ads
National Tour Operation & Travel Agency Enterprise(NTO)

Addis Ababa,ETHIOPIA P.O.BOX 5709

NTO, the oldest and most reliable Tour and Travel Agent in Ethiopia, offers Group and Individual Tours, including: � Special interest tours � Historical tours � Photo safaris � Bird watching and nature tours � Half day or full day tours of Addis Ababa Visiting areas include: � Omo National Park � Turmi, Demeka � Mago National Park � Kangate, Kibish (Ethio-Kenya Border) � Jinka, Omo Mursi � Karo, Murle � Erbore � Weyto & Keyafer


Aberus Ethiopia Tours

Sub City: Arada City: Addis Ababa P.O.Box: 57476 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Package tour, customized or tailor-made tour, regular departures to historical route, fixed departures to cultural route, adventure tour, birding tour, trekking, photo safari, festival tour, city tour and excursions, car rent, hotel reservation, private guided tour, local guides at destinations, camping gear rent, transfers,

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
+251 11 810 11 32

davo tour travelagency

addis ababa ethiopia

we provides all tour operation service in ethiopia so pls contact us

Africa,Ethiopia,addis ababa

Feres Meda Tour and Travel

Feres Meda Tours Ethiopia 16915 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +251.118 500462 +251.118 503121 +251.911 517480

Car Hire, City Tour Cultural Tour �Natural attractions�� ��Bird Watching��� "The Essence: Past & Present" - Heritage Tour Combination Thicketing,


Johnny Abyssinia Tours & Travel

P.O. box 10 20 56 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Touroperator in Ethiopia. We show you the rich history, the culture, the landscape, the national parks, birds, animals and the tribes of our beautifull country. Lots of sites for a photographer. Carrent, package tour.


Re: Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:27
by User Ads
Off-Road Ethiopia Tour


Off-Road Ethiopia Tour arranges a special type of ready-made, Custom made; Cultural, Historical and natural Holiday packages for long and short period of stays. Are you here for your summer holiday, visiting friends, learning history, trying to know more about the cultural richness of Ethiopia, filming a documentary, researching, looking for an Off-road trips you can name it��we are always there, ready and alert to cater for your interest with our reliable field vehicles, experienced staff and spacious camping materials. Fix us your dates and we shall deliver you tangible memories! Again, well-come to Ethiopia, a country in its millennium and don�t forget that you will be eighth years younger when coming to Ethiopia. With Off-Road Ethiopia Tour, there is always unusual experience!

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa


Address: Tel: Office +251116533959 Mobile +251911422068 Mobile +251911244355 Fax: +251113201998 E-mail: Website: Seychelles Avenue P.O.Box 1177 Code 1110 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Pharez Ethiopia Tour operator, established in 2006, with the great mission of planning and developing unforgettable holidays with special care of Ethiopian Hospitality. We work carefully to offer you unique and customized itineraries which will make you to capture the heart and the soul of Ethiopian destinations.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

J.H. Simex Tour & Travel

We are located at the premises of Intercontinental Addis Hotel near to ECA(Economic Commission for Africa)

Our itineraries have been carefully designed for our business travelers as short as possible and for vacation travelers to allow enough time at a destination. Our Tour service includes:- * Addis Ababa City Tour * Ambo &Wonchi lake tour * Debrelibanos Monasteries Excursion * Addadi Mariam & Tiya tour * The Rift Valley lakes Expedition * Monastries of Lake Tana Tour * Harar & Hyena man show Tour * Classic Historic tour * Omo valley Tour * Trekking tour to Bale & Semien Mountain

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

We offer competitive car rental and vehicle hire rates in Ethiopia, for vans, saloons and 4wd, 4x4 as well as safari and travel services in Ethiopia Car hire in Ethiopia. The best online rates for renting a car in Ethiopia you can book your trip to Ethiopia or hotel online, with reliable car rental service in Ethiopia with online confirmation and big discounts.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Re: Ethiopian Tour and Travel Agents Address and Information

Posted: 26 May 2011 14:30
by User Ads

Bishoftu Lakes Tour Tel:+251-118-400250 Cell:+251-913-679349 Fax:+251-118-400250 E-mail: or

Lakes Tour is an Ethiopian based tour operator with wide experience in selling Ethiopian tourist products. We specialize in all forms of Tour through out Ethiopia


Authentic Ethiopia Tours

Haya Hulet Mazoria Haile Gebre Silassie Avenue Addis Ababa

Authentic Ethiopia Tours offers, tours in Ethiopia including adventure tours to Dallol and Ert-Ale, Trekking to Semen Mountain National Park and Bale mountain national park, tours to Ethiopia historical route, Ethiopia Festival tours, Ethiopia cultural tours to Ethiopia omo valley region, Rift Valley tours, Ethiopia bard watching holidays, photo safari, Ethiopia photographing tours, historical tours to eastern ethiopia, Awash and Harar, hotel reservation, car rent and much more

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

promise Ethiopia tour and travel

Addis Ababa BOle sheger bldg 2nd floor


Africa,Ethiopia,ADDIS ABABA
+251 11 6621003/04

Selam Tour and Travel Agency

We provide interesting packages tours to individual and groups of any size whether by air or overland: � Historical tours � Cultural expedition � Natural parks � Trekking � Bird watching � Safaris tour � Religious tours � Addis Ababa city tour � Car hire � Transfer service � Hotel booking � Air ticketing and many more�

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
+251 0911419291

Ermias Tadesse

Foot Prints Ethiopia 57476 Addis Ababa Ethiopia Tel phone Num. 2510911648065

FETTS offers Tour packages, Booking and Car hire Services in Ethiopia , Not only High quality services but reasonable & compitant price.

Africa,Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Empire Tour Ethiopia

Haile G. Selassie Road, Z Bldg, 1st Flr, R#18 P.O.Box 6797, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Professional tour operator in Ethiopia with fascinating historical tour, National Parks tour, Ethical tour, bird watchers tour, Rafting, Air booking, Hotel booking, transfers and conference organization etc..

+251 911 213093