Unifore released new high definition 960H CCTV systems

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Unifore released new high definition 960H CCTV systems

Unread post by ghanafun » 19 Feb 2014 05:54

Unifore is one of leading designer and manufacturer of high definition close circle television (CCTV) systems, it can increase 30% resolution based on traditional standard D1 resolution with very affordable price to everyone for the first time, and we are offering the 960H 700 tv lines high resolution cameras and 960H recording digital video recorders (DVR). These new analogue cameras are based on latest Sony Effio technology can produce images that are 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels in 16:9 ratio.

We are very exciting to launch the 960H cctv solution, these equipments can offer latest cctv technology at very competitive prices. These equipments not only offer high resolution images, but also can provide additional benefits such as wide dynamic range (WDR), and 2D/3D noise reduction, BLC, Sens-up and multiply OSD languages.

The benefits of 960H solution

Upgrading your existing D1 to 960H offers many benefits for both residential and commercial clients. Compared to D1 cctv system, the new 960H system can offer below benefits
  • Increased 30% resolution in total images than D1 resolution, and higher resolution with 16:9 image ratio
  • Real time recording at 30fps and with 960H resolution
  • Wide dynaic range with more sharper images, true color reproduction with Sony Effio technology
  • 16:9 aspect ratio provide wide screen pictures that can fit the HDTV and LCD monitors.
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