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New design Security Cameras and High speed dome cameras

Posted: 14 Feb 2013 07:27
by ghanafun
Are you looking for high quality security cameras for your video surveillance projects ? We are one of professional security equipment manufacturer which design and produce the wide range of security equipment.

In 2013, we launch several complete new products, wide range of Infrared (IR) bullet cameras and high speed dome cameras. These cameras are adopting the latest Sony Effio technology, with 1/3 inch Sony Ex-view CCD and Effio-E, Effio-S, Effio-P DSP chipset for delivering highest resolution of 650 tv lines and 700 tv lines. All these cameras feature with 2 digital noise reduction, 3 digital noise reduction, super wide dynamic range, back light compensation, as well as motion detection and privacy features. Our new design security cameras with unique housing design, come with OSD menu, video test output, and LED level is controlled.

You maybe also interested in our latest design high speed dome cameras, we are offering 480 tv lines, 650 tv lines, 700 tv lines high speed dome cameras for large surveillance area. All these speed dome cameras can pan rotation at 360 degree with high speed of 300 degree per second, also can auto flip tilt in 180 degree at high speed. Thanks to the Sony Zoom module, the camera can support 10x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, auto focus and 256 preset positions, 4 pattern, and 30 position can join cruise, dwell time is adjustable. These camera are compatible with Pelco-D, Pelco-P protocols, come with standard RS-485 connector.

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