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የግጥም ምሽት በጣይቱ ማዕከል Poetry Night by Tayitu Cultural Center

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 13:20
by ኦሽንoc
የጣይቱ ባህል ማዕከል ወርሃዊ የግጥም ምሽት የሚቀጥለው ፕሮግራም በፌብሩዋሪ 25 በ6:30 ፒ.ም.
በተለመደው የዩኒፊኬሽን ቸርች አዳራሽ ይቀርባል::

Tayitu Cultural center monthly Washington DC area Poetry Night will be held on
February 25th 2011 at Unification Church [font=Calibri]16[sup]th[/sup] street and Columbia Rd NW Washington DC[/font]

Visit Tayitu for more information @