Ethiopia dispatches team to France for black box analysis

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Ethiopia dispatches team to France for black box analysis

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Ethiopia dispatches team to France for black box analysis

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Ethiopia dispatched a team to France, Paris to know the details of the flight recorders belonging to an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed off the coast of Lebanon last month killing all 90 people aboard,officials told APA on Tuesday.
Two weeks ago, Ethiopian airlines with 90 people on board, including nine Ethiopian crew members, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut , Lebanon, the first such incident by the Ethiopian airlines.
“Investigation on the flight data recorder hopes to unlock the secret of what caused the crash on the Ethiopian airlines. A three member Ethiopian team was dispatched to France on Monday,” Wegayehu Terefe, public relation head with the Ethiopian airlines told APA.
However, it is not known how many days will take to retrieve details on the flight data recorder, which Ethiopia awaits eagerly since the incident.
A team is still on the ground searching for the second flight recorder, which will also be sent to France.
Terefe told APA that rescue team have so far identified the bodies of five Ethiopian whose repatriation to their home is underway.
The bodies of several passangers, including Ethiopians are still unidentified.
On Sunday, more bodies reported to have been found, and investigations are currently underway to know their identity.
Over 50 passengers from Beirut , 23 Ethiopian and other citizens died in the plane crash that occurred on 25 January.
The Ethiopian airlines, flight ET 409 was on its way from Beirut to Ethiopia.

Source: APA


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