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Challenges and prospects of Ethiopia’s cement industry: strategic perspective

Posted: 30 Apr 2015 08:02
by eqariu
[font=PT Sans, sans-serif]In addition to experiencing a limited culture to use ready mix concrete (Remicon), the market is characterized by logistics and custom procedures that are costly, inadequate and inefficient according to the presentation at the 7th Africa CementTrade Summit 2015. Still, support institutions have a limited capacity in regard to transference of knowledge and technology. Weak Weak strategic R&D plans are therefore limiting development of related technologies.[/font][font=PT Sans, sans-serif]Companies are also experiencing frequent power interruptions, limited access to funding, as well as a shortage of HR that is trained in cement technology and management. In addition to high electricity supply interruptions, Companies are having to use expensive imported energy – HFO and coal, and there is limited options in regard to source of power.[/font][font=PT Sans, sans-serif]Read more on the same here[/font][font=PT Sans, sans-serif]Image[/font][font=PT Sans, sans-serif] [/font]