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How to fix intel my wifi technology hardware radio switch of

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 00:53
by zeru
Your Toshiba Satellite wifi stop working because of the error saying hardware radio switch off? or Disabled because the Hardware Radio Switch is Off. Turn on the hardware radio switch to enable Intel My WiFi Technology on your computer.

When pressing the FN+F8 keys to turn wireless on, you receive the following message.
"Wireless communication is disabled. Please turn on the Wireless communication switch”
Solution 1

1. Locate the Wireless Antenna ON/OFF button on the System Indicator Panel shown below outlined in Red.


2. Press the Wireless Antenna ON/OFF button until you see ON displayed on your screen.
3. Press the FN+F8 keys to turn wireless on.
Solution 2

Go to the folder on your c drive "Program filesToshibaTBS. Then scroll down the list of program files and double click on the file named TBSWireless.exe and hey presto, the wireless communication will turn on (Amber Light will come on on the front bottom right panel of the computer.) From now on the FN-F8 Key combination will turn it on and of.

Good Luck