How To: Convert Any Truncated RSS Feed into Full-Text Feed i

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How To: Convert Any Truncated RSS Feed into Full-Text Feed i

Unread postby zeru » 26 May 2011 07:32

Nowadays, many people read latest news from Twitter and/or Facebook. But there are still many people still read news from RSS feeds, I am one of them.
One of the most annoying thing about RSS feed is that some publishers decided to publish truncated feeds (partial summary feed) and force you to click to their website for full content.
Luckily, I found a simple solution.

Thanks to Full Text RSS Feed Builder! Now you can convert a truncated feed into a full text feed, no ads and completely free! All it takes is only a few clicks!
It is easy to use Full Text RSS Feed Builder. Simply submit the RSS feed URL that you want to convert it into full text feed, and the website will give you a new feed URL which will fetch full-text content. To ensure the new full-text feed is correctly fetching the content, a preview is shown in a frame.
I used Full Text RSS Feed Builder to convert some partial summary feeds into full-text feeds. It works very well. Best of all, it is free, ads free, and works with any feed reader!

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